- noun
: something (such as an idea or set of ideas) from which another thing develops or can develop
: a reason for doing something
: a fixed pattern or system for doing something

This is where it all begins: the start of your KilliK system. These are foundation products designed to support every other layer. We have torture tested, torn apart, over analyzed, redesigned, and then simplified every piece. This is just what it sounds like: the basics. This is what you need closest to you; a foundation layer to build on and keep you warm and insulated from the elements. Basis is your first layer of protection.

- adjective
:extremely important
:needed by your body in order to keep living
:very lively or energetic

This is your primary gear, the reason for it all.  If for some reason you were only allowed one piece of gear it should be from this group. These are the items we wear every day in all four seasons.  This is the gear we scrutinize the most, argued over the most over, and struggled with the most.  With Vital we created pants and tops that are soft, lightweight, abrasion resistant, highly breathable, and move with us. This is gear we want to live in 18 hours a day, 365 days a year. This series shines in early- to mid -season hunting conditions and when paired with a base layer it carries you into frigid hunts.  Vital: the name says it all, purely functional and extremely flexible, this series is a must have.

- noun
: a connected group or series

The Nexus series is designed to be a multi-tool, providing all-around protection from the elements. The Nexus series will be all the protection you need when worn over the Basis or Vital layers but also works well under the Axiom. This versatile series utilizes technical, stretchy, highly breathable, wind, water, and abrasion resistant soft shell fabrics. The design ideas of function, comfort and performance show throughout this line.  Plenty of pockets enable you to stash and access your important gear.  An anatomical design, with strategically placed seams, aid in shedding water, reducing stress points under a load and allows layering comfortably.  The Nexus embodies our goals of intelligent design, extreme performance, and simple functionality.

- noun
:a rule or principle that many people accept as true

The truth is Mother Nature is cruel. When you are in the outdoors you are eventually going to get rained snowed, sleeted, or hailed on. So you need waterproof protection. Our problem with waterproof garments of the past where they sounded like nails on a chalk board while stalking, leaked like the titanic, soaking in sweat, or where just too bulky to pack and have around when needed. Our answer is the Axiom series. The slightly brushed polyester shell is light, quiet, abrasion resistant and sheds water. The 100% waterproof, windproof membrane and fully taped seams lock out the rain, snow and wind. The athletic design allows it to be worn over any layer or all layers as a shield against the elements while still providing extreme mobility. Look its going to get bad out there when it does, the Axiom series will keep you in the hunt, stealthy, comfortable, and dry.